Electronic Payments

When you make a payment, the funds will be taken from your available balance immediately.

If you are making a payment to another GMCU account, making an EFTPOS purchase or taking cash the recipient will receive payment straight away.

If you are making a Visa purchase the recipient will receive funds when they complete end-of-day processing on their terminal. This may mean the payment shows on your statement under a different processing date.

If you are transferring funds outside GMCU or making a BPAY payment (i.e. Internet Banking, Telephone Banking or branch assisted) the payment will be subject to a cut-off time.

Payments subject to a cut-off time made before 4.30pm (Eastern Standard Time) on a business day will be processed on the same day. Payments made after this time will be processed on the next working day. Delivery to the recipient will then depend on when their bank processes the payment.

Please quote your Account Number or PayID if you want to receive funds to a specific account. If you quote your member number, funds will be deposited to your lowest numbered savings/transaction (S) account.

Cheque Deposits

Funds from cheques deposited to members' accounts will not be available until the expiry of a clearance time. 

Cheques will be credited to an account in accordance with requirements of the Cheques, Payments and Order Act.