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Visa Debit Card

With dual Visa and EFTPOS functionality, your GMCU Visa Debit card gives you quick, easy access to your own money, wherever Visa and eftpos are accepted.

Features and Benefits

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  • Fast and Easy

    Fast and Easy

    With contactless technology, you can just wave your card for Visa Debit or EFTPOS purchases under $100. And you can pay bills simply via direct debit from your account.
  • Tap and Pay

    Tap and Pay

    Tap your smartphone or wearable device to securely pay with your GMCU Visa Debit card. Whether its Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, its the easy way to pay every day.
  • Worldwide ATM Access

    Worldwide ATM Access

    No ATM withdrawal fee at any rediATM in Australia, as well as having access to other domestic and global ATM networks (other fees may apply)
  • Secure


    GMCU uses Visa Secure to provide you with an extra layer of security for online transactions. This enhanced security process will help protect you from fraud.
  • Dual Visa and EFTPOS functionality

    Dual Visa and EFTPOS functionality

    Use Visa and EFTPOS functionality seamlessly with one handy card.