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GMCU offers a range of choices for making direct payments.


Direct Entry Credits

You can instruct your payroll office to directly credit your wages into your gmcu account.

All direct credits are automatically credited to your S account when you quote your member number and BSB, or to your specific account by using your Alternate Account Number and BSB. In any case, you can have any portion of these funds redirected to any other account by simply signing an authority at your branch with the appropriate instructions. Use this as an easy and fuss-free way to pay your loan payments, or to save into a Christmas Saver account.

Osko & PayID Payments

gmcu members can register their mobile number, email or ABN as a PayID to receive payments. Find more about PayID and Osko by clicking here.

Direct Entry Debits

You can instruct an authorised supplier, in writing, to debit funds from your transaction account by quoting your member number & BSB, or from your specific account by using your Alternate Account Number and BSB.

This instruction must be on the particular supplier's Direct Entry Authority form and lodged with the supplier. This agreement is with the supplier, so gmcu has no control over the amount or date of each drawing.

We will not process any particular payment where there is an insufficient available balance in the account. Any dishonour fee charged to us by the central processing authority will be debited against your account.

Stopping a Direct Entry Debit

You can ask us to stop an existing Direct Entry Debit from debiting your account, and we will decline future payments that match the previous payments.

We also suggest that you cancel the instruction directly with the supplier. This is important as some suppliers use mutiple Direct Entry User Numbers and they can attempt to debit your account using a number they didnt use previously.

Periodical Payments

You can instruct us to transfer funds from one account to another account (held at the gmcu or elsewhere), or to pay a cheque to another party. You must sign an authority if you wish for this arrangement to be put into place.

BPAY and BPAY View

The Easy way to pay household bills.

The GMCU offers BPAY, a flexible and convenient new bill payment service. Just look for the BPAY symbol on your household bills and then call our Telephone Banking Line on 03 5831 6666 or 1300 652 822. Or if you have access to our Internet Banking this can also be accomplished on the site under Bpay. Pay all your gas, electricity, telephone, water bills and many more at your convenience.

BPAY View is an online bill viewing service that allows you to receive and view your monthly bills online. You can use this service by registering your eligible bill (e.g. Telstra) whilst logged on to Internet Banking. When a bill is delivered to us, you will receive an email notification that it is ready to be viewed next time you log into Internet Banking.

You can view a list of BPay View billers at BPAY View



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