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At gmcu, we have systems in place to help keep your accounts safe.

One system is known as VIGIL – a 24/7 call centre with artificial intelligence that monitors transactions to detect fraud. VIGIL has now introduced a 2-way SMS feature; a new way to protect you by verifying transactions with you directly in real-time.

If a transaction on your account is flagged as suspicious, you will be sent an SMS message asking you to confirm or deny that the transaction is legitimate. By responding to the text with a “yes” or “no”, you can allow a payment to be made, or have it blocked – instantly keeping your account safe and preventing further loss. Once you respond, you will receive further instructions on what to do next.

This is an important reason for you to make sure that your contact details are always kept up-to-date. If your address or phone number has changed, you can update them using the gmcu App, Internet Banking, or by contacting your local branch.

Q: What will the message I receive look like?

“Restrictions have been placed on card ending #### because of a recent transaction / an attempted transaction for $xx.xx at HH:MM. Please confirm if the transaction was genuine by replying “yes” or “no”. Alternatively, call our fraud department on 1300 705 750.”

Q: How will I know the text message is legitimate?

If you ever receive an unexpected letter, phone call, SMS or e-mail that asks for your information or a payment, please contact someone you trust, or contact us before you give out any information.

Q: What other information will I be asked for?

You will never be asked for your full card number, CIV security code, PIN, or password. If you are ever asked for sensitive details such as these, please do not respond and contact us immediately.


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